“This course is for anyone looking to adopt social selling over the normal "smile and dial" mentality. I have used Sales for Life's techniques and been able to get some solid meetings from them which will ultimately add to my pipeline. ”


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Kelly Schmidt, Inside Global Sales Manager, ADP  Verified Buyer

I highly recommend to anyone looking to build their social selling skills to the Social Selling Mastery Program. The curriculum is highly engaging and hands on, giving you a chance to truly soak in and understand how to utilize LinkedIn and other social mediums. I can officially say I am a better sales person thanks to the Sales For Life team.

Brad Bassham, Regional Sales , Thomson Reuters  Verified Buyer

Of all the sales training I've done in the past 5 years this program had the most immediate positive results. I highly recommend it!

Rhiannon Kreeger, Business Development Manager, Lexmark  Verified Buyer

The Sales for Life team did an excellent job providing our team's with training on how to be strategic in how we socially sell. I would recommend Sales For Life as they did a magnificent job simplifying sales methodologies.

9 weekly instructor-led training sessions (1 hour per week)

Unlimited access to our learning portal with 50+ videos to support your journey

Unlimited access daily to our live online coaches

Weekly practicums and final certification to ensure your new skills are translating into sales actions


The data is irrefutable: the buyer has changed. And we believe there is a smarter way to sell. Social Selling Mastery® will provide you a concrete framework for engaging the modern buyer and driving more sales today.

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Paul Ziehengraser, Major Account Director, Thomson Reuters  Verified Buyer

The team at Sales for Life are at the forefront of enabling the sales force in the digital age. Their program offers an intuitive mix that can be fitted into even the busiest schedule. They provide an engaging and enjoyable training experience. I recommend Social Selling Mastery to sales professionals of all industries.

David Hartenbower, Client Executive, NetApp  Verified Buyer

If you need advice on how to propel your networking and social selling skills you should contact Sales fo Life. They have a wonderful and engaging teaching style that can help novices and experts alike.

Anastasia Kopylova, Business Development Executive, Thomson Reuters  Verified Buyer

Rarely do you find a sales trainer whose presentation style is so open and engaging. Sales For Life and I worked together while I was completing a Social Selling Mastery and all of the sessions were extremely well organized and easy to remember. I highly recommend Sales for Life's courses to sales professionals like myself.

Dan Schultz, Director Of Business Development, Capstone Partners  Verified Buyer

My Social Selling course at Sales for Life provided insights into leveraging LinkedIn and Twitter to identify, contact and meet prospects. The program is great for understanding and utilizing the tools available to make connections. In addition to training our class, our senior trainer worked with me individually to sharpen my skills.

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