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How To Have More Authentic Conversations With Account Insights

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Know thy buyer. It's a familiar adage, and we all know the significance of understanding your buyer when building new relationships. So why don't we always do it?

The internet has made researching and uncovering insights about your buyer easier than ever. But the challenge is getting the right insights, at the right time, and then properly channeling them into a real buyer conversation.

To learn more about how to do that, we’ve joined forces with Nudge.ai in this webinar. Amar Sheth (VP of Customer Success, Sales for Life), Jill Rowley (Social Selling Evangelist) and Emmanuelle Skala (Interim VP of Sales, Nudge.ai) will discuss strategies on elevating your sales team with smarter selling.

 Watch this webinar replay and you’ll learn:

  • How to find account insights to better understand your buyer’s business challenges, goals and pain points
  • How to gain visibility into your best relationships within target accounts
  • The importance of continuously building your network over the lifetime of your career

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Emmanuelle Skala | Interim VP of Sales, Nudge.ai

Emmanuelle has 15+years of selling experience having grown sales teams from $0 to over $100M and managed teams as small as 1 rep and as large as 200.  She's been a sales leader at 4 successful SaaS start ups including Endeca, Vertica and Influitive.  With a variety of different GTM models under her belt, she sits on the advisory board of several early stage SaaS companies including Nudge.ai

Amar Sheth | VP of Customer Success, Sales for Life

Amar inspires and teaches sales professionals to utilize the raw and collaborative power of social and digital mediums to build pipeline and revenue. His storytelling approach is entertaining, educational and energetic! With a unique blend of strategic and tactical content, he helps bridge the gap between social business goals and execution.

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Jill Rowley | Social Selling Evangelist, #SocialSelling

Jill Rowley is a sales professional trapped in a marketer's body. During her 20+ year career, she spent six years in consulting, 13 years as a top performing rep in software sales at Salesforce.com and Eloqua, a year designing and deploying a global social selling program for 23,000 sales prefessionals at Oracle, and is now evangelizing social selling internationally while also advising numerous startups.

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