Executive Webinar:

The Essential Skills of Modern Sales Teams

About The Hosts

Jamie Shanks
Mary Shea
Principal Analyst


Jamie Shanks is a world leading Social Selling expert and speaker, responsible for pioneering the space. He has trained thousands of sales professionals from Fortune 500 companies to soloreneurs.

Mary is a principal analyst at Forrester Research who serves B2B Marketing Professionals. Mary is the author of the report 'The B2B Sales Force Digital Reboot' which will be discussed in-depth throughout this session.

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According to research conducted by Forrester, over 1 million B2B salespeople in the US will be obsolete by 2020. In addition to this, only one of the four salesperson archetypes will survive the digital shift that we are experiencing. 
Which seller archetype are you? How are you going to reboot your sales force? What are you doing to ensure that future sales hires have the skills that are essential for them to adapt to the modern buyer's journey?
Join Mary Shea (Forrester), Mark Roberge (Hubspot) and Jamie Shanks (Sales for Life) and watch this value packed webinar that discusses the reality of the modern buyer and how B2B sales teams need to develop new skills and strategies to align with this new journey.
What will I learn by viewing this 30-minute session?
  • A deep understanding of the modern buyer and the modern buyer journey
  • The reboot that is needed within the B2B sales force
  • The skills and characteristics of the best performing salespeople
  • The 5 criteria that are correlated most strongly with sales success
Date: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 ON DEMAND!
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: Free
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Mark Roberge
Mark Roberge is responsible for the sales and services function of Hubspot, increasing revenue over 6,000% and expanding the team from 1 to 200 employees in 5 years. Mark is also a popular keynote speaker at some of the worlds largest conferences.
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