HireRight: within 6 months, a 20%+ increase in pipeline, $8.9 million in new opportunities and 13 deals won


What sales challenges did HireRight face?


"We recognized that buyers were making purchases much differently today. Long gone were the days when buyers would first call a sales executive to learn about your products or services. In the modern day buying journey, we realized buyers began their research on social and professional networks without ever contacting through phone. Our challenge was reaching the right buyers, at the right time."

"We had a few of our inside sales members connecting and engaging on LinkedIn but there was no corporate process or integration with marketing. What we were lacking was a consistent routine and how to align all our departments towards one objective. Additionally we were missing a key piece in the puzzle with little to no inconsistent content marketing strategy."


What made you choose Sales for Life's program?


"Going into the engagement I was hoping that Sales For Life’s Social Selling curriculum would help my team make better connections with prospects to bolster our pipelines. Certainly Jamie's Social Selling Mastery program accomplished that goal, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. What my sales team and I learned was that no matter how you slice it, sales pros who come out on top are those whose Social Selling skills are exceptional or better than most."


What were your big wins with Social Selling?

"Within 6 months of taking the Social Selling Mastery program, our team grew $8,900,000 in opportunity pipeline with 13 closed deals won. The impact of social media selling on sales performance is undeniable. Our team increased opportunities at the top of their sales funnel, shortened sales cycle and increased the percentage of sales pros that hit quota. "



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"At first we were quite unsure the value of Social Selling, we brought Sales for Life to Orange County to present Social Selling best practices with tips and tricks. We really wanted to create a groundswell internally and ensure everyone was on board. After that, we had planned a second presentation with leadership team to benchmark HireRight against other companies."


How did you find out about Sales for Life?


"I was introduced to Jamie Shanks at the AA-ISP conference as they have done quite a bit of work in the HCM space. After that, we engaged back and forth on Social Selling best practices. We finally made a commitment to seek out a sales program that really tackled the modern day sales challenges."


As Hireright's VP of Sales, Tony Magro and his sales team accelerated sales after completing Sales for Life's Social selling program

Tony Magro
Former VP of Sales at HireRight
“Team morale was boosted as the they realized that our company made a direct investment in their professional development.”
What was most impactful for your business?

"As important as the effect that Sales for Life’s program had on our attainment, the greater effect was on our team's enthusiasm. They loved it. Team morale was boosted as they realized that our company made a direct investment in their professional development. If you are looking for a way to differentiate your company by affecting buyers where they learn, long before they speak to a sales executive, then engage with Sales for Life to help you create an army of 'Brand Ambassadors'."


6 Months
$8,900,000 in net-new pipeline
First Month
120% network growth
What Social Selling tactics did you try?


What steps did you take to solve your challenges?