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The State of Social Selling In Sales Enablement

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The spotlight is on social selling as World-Class organizations are seeing the tremendous impact it has had over the last couple of years. 

In CSO Insights’ latest report on Sales Enablement Optimization 2017, their research revealed that when social selling training exceeds expectations, quota attainment reaches 76.8%, which is 33% higher than the average quota attainment of 57.7%.

Which is why we’ve joined forces with CSO Insights in our next webinar to discuss how World-Class organizations are separating themselves from their industry peers. Join Tamara Schenk, Research Director at CSO Insights and Ron De Appolonia, VP of Client Training at Sales for Life as they discuss the impact of social selling and what capabilities are needed to achieve World-Class performance. 

Attend this webinar and you’ll learn how to:

  • Align sales, enablement, and marketing around social strategies
  • Build the capabilities necessary to achieve World-Class performance
  • Develop new skills and integrate them into your daily workflows
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Tamara Schenk | Research Director, CSO Insights

Tamara serves as Research Director for CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group. As the author of this blog, my thoughts are the thoughts of my role at CSO Insights. In her role as Research Director for MHI Research Institute, Tamara is dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of complex B2B sales organizations, providing strategic analysis and decision making support for leaders that develop and execute sales strategies. One of her specific research topics is the development of strategic and holistic sales force enablement models that create significant business impact and that drive productivity and transformation at the same time. She also focuses on frontline sales managers, their role, their specific relevance regarding sales execution, their specific challenges, and their enablement and development into world-class frontline sales leaders.

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Ron De Appolonia | VP of Client Training, Sales for Life

Ron has trained clients across the globe on effective buyer-centric sales strategies and has worked with sales professionals across a variety of industries. He has a keen ability to identify roadblocks in sales performance, and design strategies that inspire sales teams to continually attain higher goals. Ron’s expertise involves coaching professionals on the adoption of social selling tactics and integrating human behavior dynamics in sales presentations and conversations.

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