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Back to Basics: Improving Your Sales Team's Core Skills

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Over the last 15 years, there has been an explosion in sales technology. 

Today’s sellers have a tech stack of four, five sometimes even six different applications which have driven an enormous increase in overall efficiency. However, the cost of equipping a sales rep with software tools is approaching the cost of hiring a second rep with the average annual spend on sales technology being $4,581 per rep per year, up 22%. 

Which is why most successful companies have been returning their focus to improving rep’s core selling skills. 

In this webinar, Tom Snyder, Founder of Funnel Clarity and Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life will discuss how these skills accelerate overall effectiveness and allow a rep to fully leverage the technology at hand.

DatesWednesday, Dec. 6th, 2017 at 2 PM EST | 11 AM PST

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Jamie Shanks | CEO, Sales for Life

Jamie Shanks is the CEO of Sales for Life, the world's largest Social Selling training program for mid-market and enterprise companies. Sales for Life has trained over 60,000 sales and marketing professionals, in dozens of industries. Jamie's keynotes have been delivered across 6 continents, for brands such as Thomson Reuters, Oracle, Direct Energy and Lenovo. He's also author of the best-selling book Social Selling Mastery.

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December 6th at 2 PM EST | 11 AM PST

Tom Snyder | Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Funnel Clarity

Tom Snyder is the founder of Funnel Clarity; a training and consulting company formerly known as VorsightBP. Snyder’s passion is helping companies achieve measurable sales performance improvement. Previously, Snyder spent 10 years with the sales training firm Huthwaite International, culminating in the role of CEO. He later founded Business Performance Partners, a sales and strategy consulting firm that evolved into Funnel Clarity. Snyder is a sought after international speaker and was named one of the Most Influential Sales Leaders. He has authored two McGraw Hill best sellers, “Escaping the Price Driven Sale” (2007) and “Selling in a New Market Space” (2010).

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